Here is what you NEED to READ about how we book, what we book, what the pay is etc... 

1. Will you book my neo gothic free jazz experimental band from Bangor Maine?  We book just about anything if we like it. We tend to lean towards punk, weirdo metal stuff, noise rock, alt-country, psychobilly, doom etc.  WE DO NOT BOOK HIP HOP OR RAP MUSIC. DON'T EVEN ASK.

2.  I heard most of your shows are free? Almost all of our shows are free. This means no door charge and no ticket sales for the most part. We still have some, but the majority of the events are free to attend. This means almost ALL of the bands we book, unless they are routing through a booking agent or some kind of manager (with a substantial guarantee) will have a free show.  Most of what Buzzbin has always been about is getting good bands in here from all over the world and giving them an opportunity to rock out in front a of a different crowd. 

3. If shows are free how do bands get paid? Week-nights are generally very slow. If you are touring through and you need to book a week-night, we offer no guarantee. We just cannot afford to. We can usually give you a few bucks for gas and some beer depending on how well the bar does that evening. Weekend shows (Friday and Saturday) are paid a percentage of the bar sales. Payout happens at the end of the night after the last band has played. If you do not stay then you will not get paid. Please be aware  - YOU are not going to get rich playing at Buzzbin, but we offer a cool atmosphere, awesome stage, and an opportunity to expose your music to new people. I cannot STRESS enough - if you are a touring band, or an out-of-towner,  we will require that you find a local band to play with you to help with the draw... otherwise this place will probably be a ghost town. And when I say local - I mean Canton/ Akron area not Cleveland or Youngstown.

4. I heard you guys have multiple areas to put on shows? We have three stages basically. Main stage, Outside Stage and we now offer a "punk rock" stage for bands that just want to play a show somewhere. Decent p.a. but just vocals running through it. No soundguy, pretty much just plug in and play like you are doing it in your garage. Outside stage is reserved for larger shows and events. Main stage for most weekend shows.

5. Do we need to bring our p.a. and soundman? No. We provide a p.a. and a soundman at not additional cost to the bands on the main stage. However if you decide to book a show where your band is charging at the door then YOU will need to provide your own door man. 

6. What can we do to help promote our show? EVERYTHING HELPS! Bring us posters, send us posters, sharing the Facebook event is cool, but if you really wanna make an impact and have a great show in Canton then you need to do just a bit more than a Facebook event page.

7. This all sounds awesome to me! How can I book a show? Send us a message to with some dates you are interested in, links to your facebook and music etc.